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Staffing Solutions

It’s all about building inherent capabilities

Macrolink Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides the finest contract staffing services in India. Whatever may be your requirement in any branch of IT or non-IT department, we are more than happy to fulfil the same with the right fit of talented professionals.

Skilled Professionals

  • We are able to identify the right talent appropriate for your organization
  • Trained to source and screen those individuals who fit in with our client’s organizational culture and business needs
  • We leverage our in-house database, as well as proprietary screening tools for the best results.

Recruiting accuracy

We are proficient at using the most contingent and meticulous techniques of shortlisting applicants, identifying, assessing, and choosing appropriate resources with the required expertise, orientation, and background.

Long and short term Hiring

The most sought after services in our gamut of Human Resource Outsourcing. When you need staff for a temporary project, for short- or long-term assignments or to substitute for contingencies but you do not want to hire permanent employees, we provide competent professionals who can work dedicatedly for you for the agreed contractual period. What makes us best, is our ability to offer the most compatible and result-oriented professionals for your unique staffing needs.

Unified Exodus

  • Training and Development.
  • Effective Co-Ordination.
  • Effective Recruitment and Placement.
  • Building Effective Human Resource.
  • Optimum Use of Resources.
  • Enhances Corporate Image.
  • Job Satisfaction.

Customized Solutions

MTS tailored business services reflect the experience, expertise and excellence achieved in meeting our core competencies, covering contract and direct hire recruitment.