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It Does More. It Costs Less. It’s That Simple

Macrolink Tech Solutions is India’s leading business services provider, leveraging our extensive domain knowledge and future-ready digital platforms to drive client productivity through outsourced solutions.

We provide a host of services such as End to end IT Solutions, Hardwar networking, enabled staffing and managed outsourcing services across processes such a facilities and staffing management, HR operations, Accounting and Liaison services, etc.

Our passion for delivering exceptional services, augmented by proprietary digital platforms, has strongly established our credentials as one of the largest employer in the private sector and an integrated facility business services partner in India. We are proud to achieve this success as over 8- year old start-up.

A core value driving our business is constantly making the workforce more productive.

Established in 2014 and headquartered in Bengaluru, Macrolink today has presence and scale, backed by technology-intensity and domain specialization to create unmatched service experiences.


a relentless commitment to our customers is the cornerstone to our success and growth

Let's make something great together